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Paul G. Chojnacki

Who is Paul G. Chojnacki? Well I am a comic book enthusiast who always wanted to produce my very own comic.

I have a large treasure trove of ideas to put out to the viewers of my newborn web site. Here is a brief personal history. I was born and raised in the lovely state of Wisconsin. I have been enjoying comic books since I was four years old. In the fifth grade I was given a journal to write in everyday. I was not keen on the idea of writing everyday, so instead of writing I asked the teacher if I could draw pictures. Ever since then I have been drawing ideas. Over the years I have seen the potential of using computers to produce comics. I am a graduate of University Wisconsin Stout with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design. I have also studied the traditional method of creating comics.

"The Dark Traveler" is my first attempt to produce a comic book. It is a four part limited series that is a showcase of terror and suspense.

My next endeavor has been the title "Planet's End". A futuristic epic about a family trying to gain back what they lost against unforgiving odds.

I created this site to present my comic books. It is provided to be viewed by anyone with web access. I also will be accepting personal donation to keep my site running.

Thank you for viewing my site and expect more great stories in the future.